Crytponics Issues Enterprise Blockchain Security Specification Compliance Stamp to XM Colombia

Stefan Beyer

September 15, 2020

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We are pleased to announce the issuance of the first statement of compliance with the Enterprise Blockchain Security Specification (EBSS) to XM Colombia.

Cryptonics has audited the following three blockchain applications for compliance with the recently launched security specification:

  • ECOREGISTRY: Tokenisation solution aimed at the validation, verification, emission, and withdrawal of CO2 certificates.
  • ECOGOX: Tokenization solution for generated energy. 
  • SICEP: Permission management and notarization solution based on a public blockchain.

XM Colombia is a division of Latin American energy giant ISA, focusing on real-time applications. The company has recently invested in blockchain technology to bring transparency to energy and emission markets. This is achieved through a mix of public and permissioned blockchain technology.

The three applications audited were found to be compliant with EBSS. The compliance report has been made publically available and can be downloaded here.

The EBSS is a recent initiative by the Enterprise Blockchain Security Council (EBSec), an alliance of initially four companies operating in blockchain and cryptography cybersecurity:

EBSec is an open project encouraging collaboration. For membership requests please contact us.


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