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Blockchain Consulting

Are you thinking about moving part of your business to the blockchain, but are not sure whether your company would benefit from the blockchain beyond the buzzword effect?

We can help you analyze your potential use case and point you in the right direction.

  • Architecture Definition
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Technology Selection
  • In-person consultations

Blockchain Development

Do you need help to develop a proof of concept or MVP for your project idea? Maybe you have an existing and want integrate it with a blockchain platform. We have our development and maintain a network of specialized collaborators for implementing complete solutions, including:

  • Full-stack decentralized application development
  • Public blockchain integration
  • Asset tokenization
  • Smart Contract development (Ethereum, Stellar, Wormhole and other platforms)
  • Interfacing with legacy systems
  • Consortium Blockchain deployment and integration (Hyperledger and Ethereum)
  • Full stack web interfacing

Success Stories

SylLab Systems

SylLab Systems is B2B cryptographic solution provider. We collaborate closely with SylLab Systems providing experience and in-house consulting cryptography and participate in product development.

Wedoo Remote Talent Network

Wedoo is platform for connecting remote professionals and their clients. The platform’s marketplace is designed to used smart contracts and Stellar-based asset tokenization to achieve trustless payment and escrow services for remote freelancing. We collaborate with Wedoo in the form of main technology partner.


The THORchain project is developing a scalable high-performance blockchain organized as a hub of multiple chains and optimized for high transaction throughput and inter-blockchain operability. With its goal of connecting existing blockchain with built-in liquidity, the ideal use cases for Thorchain are decentralized exchanges. We have collaborated with THORChain Check out the code and whitepapers.

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Black Insurance

Black Insurance is an innovative smart contract-based insurance platform. The development team charged us with the task of technical content creation and technology walkthroughs. We also acted as scientific advisors for blockchain related technology.

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