Flux Network

We are collaborating with the Flux Network System, focusing on architecture definition and Blockchain integration.


The Thorchain project is developing a scalable high-performance blockchain organized as a hub of multiple chains and optimized for high transaction throughput and inter-blockchain operability. With its goal of connecting existing blockchain with built-in liquidity, the ideal use cases for Thorchain are decentralized exchanges. Check out the code and whitepapers.

Black Insurance

Black Insurance is an innovative smart contract-based insurance project. The development team has charged us with the task of technical content creation and technology walkthroughs. We also act as scientific advisors for blockchain related technology.


BitVR is a decentralized Virtual Reality content platform. We have designed the architecture of the solution and participate in the project as scientific advisors.

Code Demos

Ethereum Notary Service

An implementation of a document certification service on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Working Demo: http://notarize.cryptronics.io

Source Code: https://github.com/stbeyer/notary