Smart Contract Audits

Smart Contract Audits Cryptonics Consulting

Smart Contract Audits Cryptonics Consulting

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are hard to get right. They usually manage valuable digital assets, are publicly readable and immutable, which makes them the perfect target for cybersecurity attacks. 

There are plenty of examples of incidents in which funds have been stolen or permanently locked, because of programming errors, unexpected user behavior or oddities of the underlying blockchain protocol implementation.

Smart Contract Audits Cryptonics Consulting

smart contract audits

Smart Contract Auditing Packages

Standard Audit Package

This package consists in an audit performed by a single auditor resulting in a comprehensive report listing vulnerabilities and their criticality, together with a set of recommendations. This package includes a second round of reviews are fixes are applied, resulting in the audit report being updated.

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Pro Audit

This package increases the coverage of the audit process by engaging three experienced auditors to audit the smart contracts independently before reaching consensus in debrief meeting. As in the standard package, a second round allows the client to fix any issues encountered.


The most comprehensive of our service offerings accompanies the development team throughout the smart contract development process, providing early feedback. Our auditors will participate in design meetings, provide security guidance and perform regular code reviews. At the end of the process and formal audit will be performed.

Audit Workflow

Our workflow is as follows:


After understanding the intended functioning of the contract, we start by using static code analytics and symbolic execution tools.


We then proceed to manually scan the contract for known and unknown vulnerabilities.


Depending on the complexity and type of contract, we then deploy the contract on a test blockchain and either perform a series of manual tests or generate and execute specific unit tests.


Finally, we prepare a report with issues in three levels of severity and a section on general recommendations.

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